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Durable, high load capacity.


For instance highly loaded production, storage and machine areas, high bay warehouses, printing houses and foundries.

What is fibre-reinforced concrete?
Fibre-reinforced concrete is concrete that is mixed with fibres. Offhand,
fibre-reinforced concrete can be regarded as a concrete material reinforced with many small reinforcement bars.
However, unlike traditional reinforcement, fibre reinforcement is placed randomly and has a limited length.

In order to ensure good attachment of the fibres to the concrete, steel fibres are often constructed with hooks or the like at the ends, and they can also be corrugated.

It is necessary to adjust the concrete mixture compared to concrete without fibres in order to make “room” for the fibres. This is usually done by increasing the cement content, using smaller-sized pebbles or using larger amounts of plastification.

How does reinforcement work?
On its own, concrete has a rather low tensile strength compared to the compressive strength. In order to enable concrete constructions to withstand tensile stress, reinforcement bars are usually embedded into the concrete. Tensile stress can be due to load as well as shrinkage and temperature movements.The necessary amount of reinforcement is determined on the basis of required load-bearing capacity etc.

In some situations, fibre-reinforced concrete can completely replace traditional reinforcement, as the fibres can be regarded as small reinforcement bars. As with traditionally reinforced constructions, it also applies to fibre-reinforced concrete that the (fibre) reinforcement is not activated until the concrete cracks.

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