Teqplan - wear layer - Teqton

Jointless, light, durable, large load capacity, extremely flat, environmentally friendly and dust repelling.


For example in production areas, storage and machine halls, workshops, shelved areas, printing offices, foundries, F&B industry, refrigerating rooms, transport centres and freight forwarding areas.

The perfect material mix
Teqplan consists of a special synthetic material dispersion, selected aggregate materials and concrete, which makes Teqplan particularly suitable for floors subjected to water, fuel, chemicals and other influences. This makes Teqplan perfectly suitable for storage and production halls as well as workshops.

A durable floor
An industrial floor is attacked by several enemies: water, oil, chemicals etc. Thanks to its special material features, Teqplan are able to resist such attacks to a great extend, and Teqplan maintains its high-level durability even after a long time of continuous impacts. Furthermore, Teqplan is absolutely neutral towards steel, which is an important issue when installing various types of machines onto the floor.

Avoiding joints?
Joints, holes and other flooring irregularities cause problems, especially if subjected to heavy loads every day. This is why Teqplan is laid down jointless, even in large areas of several thousand square meters. Thanks to its synthetic fixing agent, the Teqplan surface is so tight that wear and cracks rarely occur. Teqplan offers the advantages of high accuracy levels, a healthy and noiseless working environment, and lower maintenance costs for platform trucks etc.

Comfortable, economical and environmentally-friendly
Experts have noted that Teqplan industrial floors are extremely abrasion resistant and almost maintenance-free – even after several years of use! Not only does this constitute an advantage to the company economy, it also leads to environmental protection because Teqplan does not contain any solvents.


Technical data

Fixing agent
Synthetic material dispersion and concrete
Granite gravel and sand
Teqbase or concrete (min. 25 MPa.)
Laying down procedure Manual or mechanical work. Around 800 m2 per day per work team.
Temperature Min. + 5ºC. The building must be closed (windows and doors installed, waterproof roof).
Layer thickness 1,0-3,0 cm.
Curing time Usable after about 2 days (depending on temperature). Loadable after about 4 days.
Density Around 2.0 – 2.2 t/m3.
Point load Up to 100 kN on 0.1 x 0.1 m. Tested according to German regulation DIN 18 560.
Flatness regulation DIN 18 560. Flatness: In accordance with German regulation DIN 18202, table 3, line 3 or 4.
Extreme flatness possible in accordance with German regulation DIN 15 185 for utilisation with positive drive trucks.
Wear resistance In accordance with regulation HUS AMA, table ESE/6, class A. Very high standards.
Compressive strength Min. 50 N/mm2.
Tension Around 10 N/mm2.
Electrical discharge ability Spark-free and inflammable (in accordance with German regulation DIN 51 953) between 104 and 107 ohm. No static charge.
Joints Normally jointless. Statically determined joints in tower blocks must be secured using joint profi 1.
Colour Light concrete grey.
Warranty 5 years.
Resistibility Water-resistant and to a great extend resistible to oil and chemicals.


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