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Just like all industrial coatings and floors, Teqton floors have to be maintained.




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Maintenance requirements

The maintenance includes three phases, which all serve to improve durability, prevent soiling and optimise dust binding as well as to ensure that the floor looks presentable:

1)   Proofing… Is carried out to make the floor dirt-repelling
and dust-binding
2)   Daily cleaning… To remove soiling and to ensure continued
dirt repelling and dust binding, as far as possible
3)   Thorough cleaning… When continuous use makes this necessary.

Teqclean is used for basic proofing as well as for periodical cleaning and maintenance of Teqton floors.

Step 1 – Proofing of new floor
Vacuum the Teqton floor thoroughly, as the surface must be dust-free before the proofing can be started. After this, wash the floor with a mixture of 4 dl of Teqclean and 10 litres of water. Leave the floor washing water as a water film that you let dry. The best way to do this is by using a combination machine/floor washing machine, which can lay out the mixture evenly all over the floor. After at least half an hour, the excess washing water can be soaked up with the machine. In order to satiate the floor, repeat the above procedure 2-3 times. After this, the floor is ready for daily use and cleaning.

Step 2 – Daily cleaning
The best mixture for daily cleaning is ½ – 1 dl of Teqclean and 10 litres of water. The best way to wash the floor is with a combination machine/floor washing machine with a hard nylon brush.

Step 3 – Thorough cleaning
When needed, the Teqton floor surface is given a thorough cleaning. This is done to remove excess/accumulated cleaning film. Wash the floor with 5 dl of Teqclean mixed with 10 litres of water. The best way to carry out the thorough cleaning is with a machine with a hard nylon brush. Immediately after the thorough cleaning, you rinse the floor with clean water. After this, the floor is ready for continued daily cleaning.

Dosage instructions:

4 dl of Teqclean and 10 litres of water

Daily cleaning:
½ dl of Teqclean and 10 litres of water

Thorough cleaning:

5 dl of Teqclean and 10 litres of water

If the floor has been used before proofing, the floor has to be given a thorough cleaning in order to remove old dirt and soap residue from the surface before the floor is proofed.




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