Teqbase - sub-base for Teqplan and Teqoton - Teqton

The ideal sub-base for industrial floors! Jointless, large load capacity, quality control.


Teqbase is used as sub-base for floors in all types of industrial and storage halls. In many cases, it constitutes an alternative to armoured cement layers. Teqbase is applied as sub-base for all types of Teqton wear layers (e.g. Teqplan, Teqoton and Latexfalt) as well as for quarry tiles and marble split tiles.

Teqbase – apply a system from the outset
An industrial floor is not a typical commodity; it needs to fit various needs and demands that can only be pinpointed by means of personal consultancy and individual solutions. We offer you complete system solutions where sub-base, covering layer and surface treatment supplement each other to create high-quality results and functionality.

Teqbase is the base
The low-waste sub-base Teqbase is made up by a mixture of selected high-quality fixing agents and a gravel-sand-mixture according to a fixed grading curve.

We are critical of accuracy
In order to obtain the best result possible, we apply the latest laser technology in order to control the levelling electronics within our special machines for laying down floors. Following annealing, and in accordance with your wishes, we lay down a Teqton wear layer, also featuring a jointless surface, on top of the sub-base Teqbase.
In this way, you avoid expensive expansion joints.

A rational flooring system
Normally, Teqbase is laid down prior to hall mounting. A team of workers lay down more than 1,500 m2 per day and after a few days, the Teqbase sub-base may be utilised as installation platform for heavy hoisting gear and transport machinery. This is a great advantage for owners and contractors alike, saving both time and money. The wear layer is laid down just before the hall is to be used. Thanks to the extremely short hardening time of the wear layer, the floor is able to deal with full loads after just 4-6 days.

Our know-how is your advantage
Include the Teqbase system into your planning phase – it pays off. Our specialists possess the know-how and experience needed to keep costs at a minimum. Contact us now!


Technical data

Portable backfilling of sand, nut stones or stable gravel, possibly hard lagging.
Normally a jointless surface. Separation joints in Teqbase by all foundations and adjacent building elements as well as thin cold joints. System solutions are created for connections.
Normal thickness
On average 18 cm – can be made thicker if needed.
Working temperature Frost-free.
Load Depending on sub-base and construction thickness: Surface loads of up to 200 kN/m2 Point loads of up to 100 kN on 0.1 x 0.1 m. When dealing with special loads and complicated sub-bases, special geotechnical tests on consolidation conditions should be carried out.
Flatness In accordance with German DIN 18202, table 3, line 2.
Anchorage Teqbase facilitates anchorage of bearings and element supports. When dealing with heavy loads, pull tests should be carried out. Suitable for installing machines and shelves.
Daily output Around 1,500 m2 per day per work team.


Further information about data sheets on
– Connection of other building elements
– Inspection
– Reference list

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